Cambodia and Vietnam 2016
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Cambodia and Vietnam 2016

Henning has planned and the tour guides to Cambodia and Vietnam, 4. April - 11. Maj 2016 and uses contacts from previous visit to Cambodia /Vietnam. Participants are Elisabeth, Henning D. and Henning H.


The group with video sequences under
VKTOUR in Vietnam with Nguyen Khoa
Facts about Vietnam
Facts about Cambodia
Etiquette in Vietnam
Catch dragon with the mouse and few facts about Vietnam
Vietnam news
Photo of ethnic minoriteter
Facts about 54 ethnic minoriteter
Vietnam maps
Danish Vietnamese society

Cambodia and Vietnam 4 April to 11 May 2016
Monday, 04.04 - Copenhagen> aircraft> Bangkok.
Departure Copenhagen with Thai Airways TG0951 pm. 14:30 to Bangkok

Tuesday, 04.05 - Bangkok fly Cambodia - Phnom Penh

Wednesday, 4.06 - Phnom Penh.

Thursday, 04.07 - Cambodia - Siem Reap.

Friday, 04.08 - Siem Reap.

Saturday, 04.09 - Cambodia> aircraft> Saigon

Sunday, 4.10 Ho Chi Minh City

Monday, 4.11 Saigon

Tuesday, 04.12 Fly to Da Nang --> Hoi An

Wednesday, 04.13 Hoi An

Thursday, 04.14 Hoi An

Friday, 04.15 Hoi An.

Saturday, 04.16 Hoi An

Sunday, 04.17 Hoi An

Monday, 04.18 Hoi An

Tuesday, 4.19 Hue> Transfer to Hue

Wednesday, 4.20 Fly in the evening to Hanoi

Thursday, 04.21 Hanoi

Friday, 04.22 Hanoi
Kenh Ga, Bai Dinh pagoda, Hoa Lu - Biking two Tam Coc

Saturday, 04.23 Tam Coc

Sunday, 04.24 Hanoi
Tam Coc Phu Cu - Hanoi

Monday, 04.25 Hanoi

Tuesday, 04.26 Hanoi

Wednesday, 04.27 Hanoi - Mai Chau

Thursday, 04.28 Hanoi

Friday, 04.29 Mai Chau - Hanoi

Saturday, 04.30 Hanoi

Sunday, 05.01 Hanoi

Monday, 05.02 Hanoi - Halong Bay

Tuesday, 05.03 Halong Bay - Cat Ba

Wednesday, 05.04 Cat Ba - Halong - Hanoi

Thursday, 05.05 Hanoi - Night train to Lao Cai

Friday, 05.06 Lao CAI Sapa

Saturday, 05.07 Sapa

Sunday, 05.08 Lao Cai - Bac Ha Sunday market - Night train to Hanoi

Monday, 05.09 Hanoi

Tuesday 05.10 Hanoi - Night flight to Copenhagen

Wednesday, 5.11 Copenhagen

Vietnams history - short:

French occupied Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 1854. In Laos and Cambodia, there were no major protests, but in Vietnam increased resistance around 1900. In 1920, stood Ho Chi Minh for resistance. It was highest in the northern provinces. The French took advantage of Vietnam's resources. They had no production in Vietnam, but sailed raw materials to France. When WW2 started occupied the Japanese Vietnam. They may, however, use twice as many troops as normal due the strong resistance. When the war ended in 1945, proclaiming Ho Chi Minh Vietnam as an independent state.
It kept brief, however, when the British now occupied the country. The British closed again French in, so freedom was short. Ho Chi Minh had thought that when he helped the Allies, he would have freedom - but that did not happen.
resistance grew and the French became more and more distressed. In northern Vietnam had the French fortress with modern guns, airfield and about 30,000 soldiers. They considered it to be impregnable. General Giap, one of the 20th century greatest strategists believe, however, that it could be done. He had no modern equipment, only faith in his case. He brought all his guns disassembled and transported them as spare parts through the difficult terrain in the mountains. It took a year. Then they were assembled and could cut the French by bombing their airfield. The French had when they surrendered, lost half of the men. The French left Vietnam in 1954 - 100 years after they came.

At the peace conference in Geneva Vietnam was divided in two by a river at the 17th parallel. It is just north of Hue. North Vietnam's capital was Hanoi - South Vietnam was Saigon. The agreement was also that within four years should be held free elections with the aim to re-unify the country. When the time came for the election, the United States was nervous about the outcome, so they postponed it - and it was never held. USA was terrified of Korea, after all, still a tinderbox. The threat from North Vietnam sympathizers grew. The result was more troops and more violence from both sides. A turning point was when a monk from Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue in 1963, drove to Saigon and in front of the presidential palace doused himself with gasoline and ignited it. The picture went around the world and public opinion turned against the war. President Diem had to resign and the United States appointed a general as president.
In 1969 dies Ho Chi Minh. US finds an excuse to bomb North Vietnam. The worst was orange napalm. That kills all growth. They had not reckoned with the affected people. This led, however, numerous abortions and also influenced the second generation. Chau Hoi An and Oanh Hoi Duong is the result of this.
Sale At that time, the 750,000 Allied soldiers in Vietnam.
Companies The April 30, 1975 it was over when North Vietnamese forces took Saigon by driving a tank through the presidential palace's wrought-iron gate.

Now the country rebuilt. Pol Pot came to power in Cambodia. He thought he had easy games in Vietnam, home to many Cambodians. In 1979 the Vietnamese therefore into Cambodia and ran it over the end of 8 days, Deposed Pol Pot and inserted a new rule.
While the Vietnamese were engaged in the south, the Chinese into the northern part of the country and burned many houses of. It took about the Vietnamese Two months to drive the Chinese back.
The Vietnamese made the new congestion times since US was the world to boycott goods from Vietnam. There was great famine. It is from this period (1980-85), we got all the boat people. In 1992
Went to the market economy and since it has gone forward for Vietnam. Today they have a growth rate of more than 6% - in Denmark, we have approximately %.

Remember there are many cultural differences. The Vietnamese want to learn from us - not brought up by us.

Vietnam means: Viet - population + Nam - Denmark
population of more than 80 million. - And has 54 ethnic groups
Vietnam has a coastline of 3260 km
Sale At its widest point, the country is 600km - and 50 km at the narrowest