Cambodia and Vietnam 2013
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Cambodia and Vietnam 2013

Henning has planned and the tour guides to Cambodia and Vietnam, 8 April - 14 May 2013 and uses contacts from previous visit to Cambodia /Vietnam. Participants are Knud, Lene, Eigil, Mona and Henning.


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VKTOUR in Vietnam with Nguyen Khoa
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Etiquette in Vietnam
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Danish Vietnamese society

Cambodia and Vietnam 8th April to 14 May 2013
Monday 8/4 - Copenhagen> Flights> Bangkok.
Departure Copenhagen with Thai Airways TG0951 pm. 14.30

Tuesday 9/4 - Bangkok> aircraft> Cambodia-PhnomPenh.
Departure from Bangkok at. 8 to Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital. Arrival at. approx. 9th Sambath and Ratha picks us up and drive us to our hotel Royal Star, which is close to Ton Le Sap River and King's Palace. Kl. 11 we make a tour of Phnom Penh. First we visit Tocul Sleng Museum. It was only a school - since prison where Pol Pot tortured and killed many of the 2 million. He executed. Next stop is the large Russian market - Lunch - and so Pagoda Wat Phrom middle of the city. Last we visit the Royal Palace. Dinner in town.

Wednesday 10/4 - Phnom Penh.
We eat breakfast at the top of the hotel overlooking the river - Departure at. 8.00. We need the country to Sambaths and Rathas village. We visit Sambaths younger brother's farm "Sambo". After a short tour we go up on a small hill with a great view. Here is a pagoda, and living part monks. Sambath says little about Pagoda. Afterwards, we visit a school below the mountain, which I hope is open. We will have lunch on the floor in a small dining room. Afterwards we are going to the village and share clothes out. It is now 5 time we do it. Afterwards we drive back to Phnom Penh to be relax and possibly. get blind massage. Dinner in town.

Thursday 11/4 - Phnom Penh.
We take a Tuk Tuk to the bus station and climb a luxury bus at. 7.00. It takes 4-5 hours to get to Siem Reap. Here we stay on Mandaley Inn.
mph. 16.15 of place to watch the sunset over Angkor Wat, it costs $ 3 to taxi. I'll pay the ticket. We climb a small hill with a good view. The first time I tried in 2000 there were approx. 200 people now 4-5000. Kl.18 when the sun has gone down and we head back to Siem Reap and eat dinner.

Friday 12/4 - Cambodia - Siem Reap.
up early. We need to see the sunrise over Angkor Wat - again very popular. We drive from Mandalay Inn at. 5:00 tomorrow. In Angkor Wat, we sit and wait for the sun, which rises at. 06.00. Then we eat breakfast at Angkor. We have breakfast at the hotel, but there are far to the hotel and go back to Angkor. So I tend to have the system that I pay half of your breakfast. After breakfast we drive to Angkor Thom. It is the royal city with the fine temples. First stop: We walk through the gateway to Angkor Thom. We drive to Bajon Temple. A temple with many faces. Then we head to the Royal Palace. We're coming in the back door, but before we see a very large Hindu temple, which has been under restoration for 10 years - and there are at least 10 years again before it is finished. Vice is the Royal Palace, which is very dilapidated. We look Kongeparken the King 2 swimming pools and ends with the place where the big elephant fights took place. Now we find our Tuk Tuk'er.
We go to Ta Phrom temple with the big trees, and we must have lunch at approaching noon. Last visit is the largest temple of Angkor Wat. Some historical thing: Here in Angkor lived over 1 million people 1000 years ago; comparison lived in Paris 20,000; size as the Imperial Palace Beijing. It's been as many stones as Cheops pyramid. We are back at the hotel kl.16. We meet for dinner at. 20.00 at the hotel with Chhiev and his family as well as my former guide Sophal.

Saturday 13/4 - Cambodia> aircraft> Saigon
depature, but first we experience many things. We drive from Mandalay Inn at. 08.00. We take our tuk tuk. First stop is a temple built in memory of the victims of Pol Pot. It is called a Killing Fields temple. There are also boarding school. If there are students at home, we see their housing. Now we have Chhiev's wife, we see her internet café, she takes us out to their homes. We look home and their special pets, crocodiles. On the way back to Mandalay Inn visit our tuk tuk leader's home. This is also where Saphal should. Back at the hotel there is time for a bath, so we are ready for the flight to Vietnam. We will be flying at. 17.30 to Ho Chi Minh City = Saigon at. 18.30. Here awaits a taxi who drove us to the hotel. We go out and eat at. 20.30.

Sunday 14/4 - Saigon> took> Da Nang
We must get up early and have a great program. All luggage must be down to my room in the morning. When we come home from the trip can take bath there in turn, before we eat dinner at. 20.00
We leave the hotel at. 07.00. First stop Chu Chi tunnels built by the Vietcong, starting in French, but strongly reinforced during the U.S. occupation. There is approx. 250 km tunnels. Next stop Cao Dai, a religious movement, which is an amalgam of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. We must be in Tay Ninh pm. 12.00. Here starts the big parade. When we take pictures, we eat lunch in Tay Ninh. We drive back to Saigon and make a little stop outside the former Presidential Palace. We can not reach, to get into, but there may be photographed outside. It was here that a North Vietnamese tank drove through the gate, when the war was ended 30.04.1975. 20 years of suffering was over, now should it be rebuilt. However, there were many problems in the beginning. Pol Pot from Cambodia occupied part of South Vietnam. He believed that Vietnam was very weak. There live many Khmer who is Cambodian in the southern provinces. It took a month, as Vietnam had committed Pol Pot. It was the Chinese to move into the
northern province of Lao Cai, which we visit on the trip to Sa Pa. The Chinese smashed the Lao Cai, before the Vietnamese had driven the Chinese back. Then came the new congestion times for Vietnam. The U.S. was the world to boycott all products from Vietnam. There was great famine. It was at this point, all boat people came to Denmark 1980-90. Today's market economy in Vietnam. Vietnam has the second highest growth rate in the world, surpassed only by China. The growth rate in Vietnam is over 6% - in Denmark approx. ½%. Vietnam is emerging. We go out and eat at. 20.00 - and runs from the hotel at. 22.00. Buy something to eat for the train journey. The train goes at. 23.00. Remember plastic mug!

Monday 15/4 - took> Da Nang.> Hoi An
We can sleep almost as long as we want. There will be modest breakfast and lunch. It's not the big rush. We take what we like. At one end of the train is a canteen. Take a walk through the train, there are many vehicles. We can see how the landscape exchanger. Between the hours. 13.00 and 14.00 are we in Da Nang. Some of the hotel picks us up at the train station takes us to the Hotel Hai Yen in Hoi An. Here we all rooms and rent bikes. We meet kl.20 and bicycles go to eat.

Tuesday 16/4 - Hoi An
Bike Tour. We start from the hotel at. 9.00 and bikes down to the harbor, embarking on one of the boats incl. cycles. A voyage in 12 minutes. We get off at a boatyard, sees a træskæreri. We cycle around the small islands. It can be difficult to navigate if we do not have a local with. It is an exciting trip, here comes almost never tourists. We are back in Hoi An between 12.00 and 01.00. Now we have lunch. Then we drive to the office, where you can buy tickets to cultural sites in the city, costing 75.000VD = ca.25kr. and at 5 locations. Afternoon at leisure. Kl.20 Banquet at the hotel.

Wednesday 17/4 - Hoi An
For those who feel like running and we sail at. 09.00 to an island, Champ Island, next to Hoi An, approx. 20 km. We see the city, where there are almost no tourists. After bybesøg we to Robinson Krusoe beach where we swim. You can dress on the beach. We will have lunch, which is included in the ticket $ 20
= approx. 110 AUD We're back home at. 16.00. Dinner in town.

Thursday 18/4 - Hoi An.
running at. 8.30 to Village of Hope, disability-school with many hearing impaired. We need to Da Nang. This is where Chau, Phuc, Thoc and do go to school - all sponsored by the Danish. Chau is now 16 years old. I have paid her special education since she was 5 years. We eat lunch with the children.
Back in Hoi An, I made an appointment with the tailor Bui, so she is ready and we bike to silversmith Phi and his wife Thao. If there is interest, we can also visit a silk weaving. Here a guide us around. Finally, a trip to the beach, 3 km away. Dinner in town at. 20

Friday 19/4 - Hoi An Henning's birthday.
Easy bike ride around Hoi An and the surrounding area. We leave the hotel at. 9.00. I will include show you the humble place "Rose" - now silk shop - where the royal family ate lunch in 1998. Lunch time. 12th Afternoon at leisure to cultural sites or otherwise. Dinner in town at. 20

Saturday 20/4 - Hoi An
day off. However, I have a proposal for a morning. One of my friends is dir. for a larger hotel on the beach. Remember to pick up clothes, silver and buy any. sleepingbag. Party in Hai Yen.

Sunday 21/4 - Hoi An> car> Hue
We need to Hue. We drive from Hai Yen at. 7.30. There are o 145 km. Our first stop will be at Marble Mountain. There are many steps up - but more beautiful temples. These temples were built by Emperor Minh Mang. His mausoleum we see in Hue. Then we drive through Da Nang and Hawan passport. We are in Hue approx. at. 12th Accommodation at the hotel Riverside View.
We cycle time. 12.30 for lunch at the deaf restaurant, then visit the royal palace Dai Noi, and if there is time to visit the big market. Kl. 20.00 we cycle out and eat well on an exciting restaurant with music and many dishes of food.
Back at the hotel if necessary. a drink - but we have to get up early!

Monday 22/4 - Hue> took> Hanoi
breakfast at. 6.00 - then all the suitcases into my room. We're going to sail on the Perfume River, Song Huong. We start from the hotel at. 7.00 and will go 1,750 meters to our boat, we take bikes on board. We cruise up the Perfume River. First stop Thien Mu Pagoda, a peaceful place. Was known all over the world, it was here a monk drove in his car to Saigon, drove up in front of the presidential palace, went out on the site, poured gasoline over them, set fire to himself. The picture went around the world, it was in 1963. The war was a turning point. It was President Diem case, public opinion turned against the war in both the U.S. and Europe. At that time there were about. 750,000 allied soldiers in Vietnam. Now everything breathes peace and tranquility. Next stop Minh Mang mausoleum, a very nice mausoleum in a nice park, a place many go to the excursion. Now we sail across the river, here we have the bikes of that is about. 3 km up to Khai Dinh Mausoleum, a completely different mausoleum. Here is the rough lots and lots of stairs.
But a nice mausoleum with many mosaics. Here's a good view from the top. Back to the boat. Here, there are now 2 options, you can ride back to Hue or sail. Those who take the boat comes around. 45 minutes later than us who cycle. Those who will sail must have bicycles on board. We need everyone on board, now we have lunch on board. On the boat you can buy silk - one of the best places to purchase! Now we cycle back to Hue approx. 10 km or will sail home. Buy a little palatable to the train, where the food is lousy. Remember sleeping bags and plastic mug!
We need to Hanoi and train goes at. approx. 16.30.

Tuesday 23/4 - Hanoi
Arrival Hanoi early morning, keep all parts. This time there is no hurry. We need taxi to the hotel Camilia 4, 44 Hang Gaiy. When we reach the hotel, we have rooms. It is not certain that we can get rooms so early (before time. 6) who sleep safely any of them. We take breakfast. I do a little walking tour our neighborhood and around Hoan Kiem Lake - the most central point in Hanoi. On the way I order cycles - we test our skills on a bicycle, watch, learn Vietnamese bike style. I will do what I can to teach you the technique. It may look difficult, but it is important to understand the way to do it, and not say, "They drive crazy". Forget all Danish rules and learn some practical rules. Rule: Show what you want, undo not, check what you are doing. If you pass other bikes and motorbikes, select what you want. Sometimes close to swing, run almost on the wrong side, then there will be as few passengers as possible.
After the ride we relax at Hoan Kiem Lake. When we are back at the hotel had rooms ready. We will now go to Little Hanoi, where we eat lunch. Rest of the day free. Dinner time. 20.00 in town.

Wednesday 24/4 - Hanoi.
I have rented a car. We must see the modern Hanoi and a 1000 year old pagoda, Sai Temple. I hope Thuy take with us. Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. In the afternoon the Ethnic Museum - an open air museum with a large indoor area. I put 2 hours of here. Dinner in town at. 20

Thursday 25/4 - Hanoi
We leave the hotel at. 8.00.
We will visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Running from the hotel at. 8.00. Remember long pants. After a tour of the park, where we visit Ho Chi Minh's house. At the end of the very famous pagoda, the one-legged Pagoda, Chua Mot Cot, short visit to Ho Chi Minh Museum. Now we cycle to the old university also called Literature Museum. We eat lunch near the museum. On the way back to the hotel I buy tickets water theater. We see the show end of the day.
rest of the day free. The bikes must be brought back, as we do not need them tomorrow. Birthday Dinner at. 19.30
We go first to the Museum of Fine Arts. We're doing a quick review. Now it is a 15km bike ride West Lake, Two Tay around where we visit a very popular pagoda. When the festival, there will be many thousands. Here we are only a third round, so there is much to be done. We are at home at the hotel at. 12.10, where we eat lunch. Afternoon free.

Friday 26/4 - Hanoi
We have to go to Ninn Binh pm. 7.00. We drive to a small fishing village Kinga, where there are not many tourists. After a short cruise, we eat lunch here. Then we drive to Hoa Luu. Here was Vietnam's first capital. Here controlled Kong Lee Vietnam in 800-900 century. Our Khoa can tell a lot about this king. We see 2 famous Pagodas.
Here again 2 options: Runs with the car to Tam Coc
- or rent a bike and cycle the approx. 10 km in the beautiful surroundings of Tam Coc - where we will be accommodated at Hotel Tanglong. Dinner at the hotel.

Saturday 27/4 - Tam Coc
Biking around Tam Coc - and maybe a buffalo trip (New initiative!). Dinner at the hotel.

Sunday 28/4 - Tam Coc> car> Phu Cu> car> Hanoi
After breakfast, sailing in small boats through 3 mountain caves
- 2 in each boat -1 hour out and 1 hour back. Lunch at the hotel.
We now runs from Hung Yen province and the village of Phu Cu. Here we visit short my other former adopted daughter Huy, 29 years old, in her in-law's house. She is a school teacher and her husband is in the military and working far from home. Then we drive to her childhood home, where we eat dinner at the farm's Square and again test our voices.
After dinner back to Hanoi.

Monday 29/4 - Hanoi> car> Mai Chau - Ban Lach.
Departure at hotel. 7.00. There are 145 km to Mai Chau valley.
the outskirts of Hanoi we visit a silk factory. This is the opportunity to purchase finished silk by the meter. We see here the silk from the cocoon to finished goods. The tour will now advance to Hoa Binh, the city with the large power plant, which we first look at the way home. In Hoa Binh we drive to left to Son La.
It is mountain driving straight to Mai Chau. The village we live in, Ban Lach, consisting of farmers. As a sideline doing these families ethnic clothes and things for tourists and serve as guest houses. We live in the house # 1 in Hoa right next to rice fields. Here lives one of the many ethnic groups - there are 54 in Vietnam. These are white Thai. They emigrated 300 years ago and settled in this valley. Almost everyone can all speak and write Thai and of course Vietnamese - many also English. When we arrive, we check in on the 1st floor. We want the first day to make a little bike ride. The bikes we have in the car from Hanoi. It will be a walk on small paths through several villages. Before we bike, we have eaten lunch. Hoa and her husband are doing some of the best food in the village. After dinner, we go for a walk in the village before we take a beer or coffee on the 1st floor terrace.

Tuesday 30/4 - Ban Lach.
We cycle from the village at. 8.00. We will visit a school that is about. 10 km from Ban Lach. A hard outward, with many increases, we must withdraw. It is easy on the way home, where you have to remember to slow down, so the move is not too strong. It is now 12th year I visit the school. Kl. 12.30 is lunch, and 15.00 are we doing even a bike ride, a very beautiful trip, maybe a little cumbersome. Some places we carry bikes. Why make such a trip? Because it is incredibly beautiful. We eat dinner at. 19.30. Tonight village dance for us, many old dances. We also try!. It takes place at Hoa's sister Thu. She is a very talented weaver, as the Vietnamese government uses when displaying ethnic art abroad. Coffee or similar on the 1st floor terrace.

Wednesday 1/5 - Ban Lach> car> Hanoi.
We must return to Hanoi and running 7.30. We say goodbye to Hoa and Thu. First stop on the trip home is power plant in Hoa Binh. Then it goes to Hanoi, where we are promoting at lunchtime. Afternoon free. Dinner in town.

Thursday 2/5 - Hanoi - Sa Pa
We go first to the Museum of Art and doing a quick review. Next up is a 15 km bike ride around the West Lake "ToTay". We visit a very popular pagoda, where there are thousands, in the festival. Here are 2/3 of the way back. We are at the hotel at. approx. 12, where we eat lunch
Pak again luggage to 2 train nights and 2 at the hotel in Sapa. Remember a sweater for the evenings, when Sapa is located in 1700 meters altitude.
We must train in sovekupe to Lao Cai at. 21 and is promoting at. 6 the next morning to a 38 km drive up the mountain to Sapa.

Friday 3/5 - Sa Pa.
We accommodated at Hotel Lotus
Here are 2 options: Visit to a flower park, located at the highest point in Sa Pa. There is a fantastic view. Lunch in town - or a hard-treking trip down the mountain with lunch and a local guide. Beverages can be purchased along the way. The first kilometers on the road - the rest of terrain. You can buy bamboo sticks along the way, "a good idea" if it has been raining. Many ethnic women follow and help. They are paid on the purchase of "goods" at the end. The trip goes through many ethnic villages - Black Mong, Seid and Red Dzau. When we reach the bottom, will Kkao sure motorcycles with driver for repatriation (4 $ = about 25 million). Dinner in Sa Pa.

Saturday 4/5 - Sa Pa
mph. 9.00, we visit a Red Dzau village. It is 10 km from Sa Pa. When we arrive, there are many who want to sell to us. They follow us around the whole village. When we over rice fields, it is nice to have a hand from a Red Dzau. We go on breakwaters. Buy now not too early. Vendors should probably follow. We drive back to the hotel, goes up in the market where Phung Dung and her mother Luyen have made lunch for us U.S. $ 4 + drinks. I'll pay, we settle later. After lunch, we visit a Black Mong village, Cat Cat. We walk down the mountain. We make a stop at one of the cottages. We have to go and see how they live. When we see a small waterfall and a suspension bridge, we reached the bottom. Then we cross a few miles. Here awaits a motorcycle to each, which takes us back to the market. Kl.20.00 we eat in the city. After dinner, we look at life on the market incl. "Love market" in front of the church. This is where the different ethnic groups, young people look at each other - and "found" each other.
We must get up early in the morning!

Sunday 5/5 - Sa Pa> Bac Ha> took> Hanoi
Start 6.30. Goodbye Sa Pa. Now it Bac Ha. When we got our rooms, Then Mai Hotel, we take on the market. It is northern Vietnam's main ethnic groups - 80% Flaver Mong, a little Tay and Bac Ha Dzau. Here are many more than 50 km in buses or trucks. They sell everything. Tourists are far outnumbered. There are many dining options for locals - and a few for tourists. We agree when we meet for lunch. Next trip will be at. 14.00. We take a trip up the mountain through plum orchards and visit a musician named Mr. Ho and taste his corn whiskey. It's a nice trip, duration approx. 2 hours. If you have the energy anymore, I will take you for a walk to a Tay family. It is a trip to the opposite side. Join us, if you wish, duration 1 ½ hours. Dinner in the border town of Lao Cai,
where we also look at the border station to China and the night train to Hanoi.

Monday 6/5 - Hanoi
We arrive by train from Lao Cai at. 6.00 and then take a city tour in Hanoi.
afternoon free. Dinner in town.

Tuesday 7/5 - Hanoi
day free. Dinner in town.

Wednesday 8/5 - Hanoi
We start from the hotel at. 9 with a smaller bike ride to the Army Museum - and after lunch - a little bike ride around Hanoi. Afternoon free. Dinner in town.

Thursday 9/5 - Hanoi> car / sail> Cat Ba
We drive from the hotel 7:00, we are going to sail on Ha Long Bay. On the way we visit, however, only a center with many disabled people - especially the hearing impaired who are affected by their parents of the U.S. orange married. It was here Oanh worked before I had sent her to school. She had until then never been taught because his disability. At this point, you've probably encountered this happy and positive girl.
When we reach Ha Long we change the car out with a boat that sails us to Cat Ba. We eat lunch on board and visit a beautiful stalactite cave. Khao tells of the cave. We stay on the boat and get a menu with fish / seafood.

Friday 10/5 - Cat Ba
We are on Cat Ba at noon and drive to our hotel. Then there are several options. Relax, walk into town with fish market and - industry or 2-3 hour boat trip in less boat in the harbor (4-5 in each boat $ 6 per person.). Dinner in town.

Saturday 11/5 - Cat Ba
We take a little strenuous trekking - running at. 8 from the hotel. We start on the ground. Along the way, stop at a beekeeper, where we can get a drink. At 12 we reach a bay where a small "boat" flying us out to a larger one. Alternatively, you can take the boat out and bang the hikers.
boat, lunch for approximately 4 $ = approx. 25 dollars plus drinks. Then we sailed to a beach on an island inhabited by monkeys - the only place in Ha Long Bay. When we do not want to swim more sail back to Cat Ba town. We eat in the city.

Sunday 12/5 - Cat Ba
All-Relaxation - Possibly. trip to the beach

Monday 13/5 - Cat Ba> sail / car> Hanoi> Flights> Bangkok
We must get up very early and back to Hanoi. We sail from Cat Ba to Ha Long. Here comes our car and picks us up. On the way we stop at a ceramics factory. This is where Thuy's mother works. You can see the fabrication and shop - if there is room in the trunk. We are at the hotel at 15. Here I rented a room where we can take bath in turn.
Departure from the hotel 17:00 to the airport.
Departure to Bangkok 20.30 and expected arrival time. 22.30

Tuesday 14/5 - Bangkok> Flights> Copenhagen
After midnight we fly to Copenhagen ..


Additional costs:
Visa Vietnam Cambodia U.S. $ 20.
must pay for lunch + drinks.
Extra tour Siem Reap about sunset. U.S. $ 3
Extra trip Champ Island U.S. $ 20
Motorcycles with driver 2 U.S. $ per. hour
Possibly. Overnight train Loa Cai - Hanoi 25 U.S. $.
Taxi to dinners in town - is shared by the group.
flowers or gifts - are shared by group
Gratuities to guides will pay each of us.

Viet's story - short:

Frenchmen occupied Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos in 1854. In Laos and Cambodia, there were no major protests, but in Vietnam increased resistance around 1900. In 1920 became Ho Chi Minh for the resistance. It was greatest in the northern provinces. The French exploited Vietnam's resources. They had no production in Vietnam, but sailed the raw materials for France. When WW2 started occupied japan s Vietnam. They had, however, use twice as many troops as normal because the strong resistance. When the war ended in 1945, Ho Chi Minh proclaimed Vietnam an independent country.
It held, however briefly, when the British occupied the country now. English closed again Frenchmen in, so freedom was brief. Ho Chi Minh had thought that when he helped the Allies, he would have freedom - but this did not work.
resistance grew and the French became more and more cornered. In northern Vietnam was a French fortress with modern guns, aerodrome and approx. 30,000 soldiers. They considered it to be impregnable. General Giap, one of the 20th century most strategists believe however that it could be done. He had no modern equipment, only faith in his case. He let all his guns disassembled and transported them as separate components through the rugged terrain of the mountains. It took a year. Then they were collected and could deprive the French by bombing its runways. The French had when they surrendered, lost half of the men. The French left Vietnam in 1954 - 100 years after they came.

At the peace conference in Geneva was Vietnam divided in two by a river on the 17th latitude. It is just north of Hue. North Vietnam's capital was Hanoi - South Vietnam was Saigon. The agreement was also that within 4 years would be held free elections in order to re-unify this country. When the time came for elections, the U.S. was nervous about the outcome, so they postponed it - and it was never held. America was scared of Korea, which is still a tinderbox. The threat from North Vietnam's supporters grew. The result was more troops and more violence from both sides. A turning point was when a monk from Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue in 1963, drove to Saigon and in front of the presidential palace doused himself with gasoline and torched it. The picture went all over the world and public opinion turned against the war. President Diem had to go by and the U.S. deployed a general as president.
In 1969, Ho Chi Minh dies. U.S. finds an excuse to bomb North Vietnam. The worst was orange napalm. It kills all growth. They had not reckoned with the affected people. This led, however, numerous miscarriages and also had an impact in the second generation. Chau Hoi An and Oanh Hoi Duong is the result of this.
At this time, the 750,000 Allied soldiers in Vietnam.
30th April 1975 was the end when North Vietnamese forces took Saigon by driving a tank through the presidential palace gates.

Now the country rebuild. Pol Pot came to power in Cambodia. He thought he had easy games in Vietnam, home to many Cambodians Africans. In 1979 Vietnamese therefore into Cambodia and ran it over the end of 8 days, deposed Pol Pot and installed a new regime.
While the Vietnamese were engaged in the south, the Chinese went into the northern part of the country and burned many houses. It took some Vietnamese. 2 months to drive the Chinese back.
Vietnamese were, however, new times of great difficulty, since the U.S. got the whole world to boycott goods from Vietnam. There was great famine. It is from this period (1980-85), we got all the boat people. In 1992
Mon Went to a market economy and since then it has progressed from Vietnam. Today they have a growth rate of more than 6% - in Denmark we have approx. ½%.

Remember there are many cultural differences. The Vietnamese want to learn from us - not brought up by us.

does Vietnam: Viet - population + Nam - Rentals
population of more than 80 million. - And has 54 ethnic groups
Vietnam has a coastline of 3260 km
At its widest point, the country is 600km - and 50 km at the narrowest