Hanoi 2
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Hanoi 2

Danish version

The only thing we had that day was visiting Thang and Hung, their 2 children Kien and Thue. From early morning, were some of Tai Chi by the lake.
Tai Chi

These were the early birds. Kl.10.30 we took a taxi out to Thang's family. It is always exciting. Khao was with us. It's only niece Bich who can speak English. First stop is Thang's blacksmith shop. He has 17 men working. The taxi was waiting, so it could drive us home where we should eat. After a little tour of the home, we had tea. It was enough as a surprise to anyone that we would sit on the floor. But do you do in Thang's home. We were seven Danish and approx. 12 Vietnamese. They had been cooking since at. 07.00. There was really done anything out of it. We sat at a long table around. 20 cm high. Now tumbled into the courts. There were probably 10-12 different dishes and beer, soft drinks, red wine, liqueur and tea. If we were too slow bearing host nations us. It was an experience you will not soon forget. I was, after all the only thing they knew, but there was no expense spared. As always when we are out, I had purchased 20 red and 20 white roses and tied them up in a bouquet. It took nearly half an hour, but I also had to give overpriced at 22 million I'd bear bouquet with Danish flags. As we ate, we called the taxi. One is not so imminent. We were home again at. 15.00. There are approx. 12 km from the hotel to Thang's home. The rest of the afternoon doing all different things. Dinner this evening at. 19.30. Maybe not so nice, but the food was good. We had coffee at the lake and made a short stop at a jazz club.
Thang family with a single tilløber