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We start our trip at. 7:00 in the morning. It is a large breakfast table, so everyone is up early. I was excited when Thu Ha, would arrive.
Thu Ha
We had a room for a final bath. As I stood and paid the bill arrived Thu Ha. She stood quietly behind me. I could not initially recognize her. She had the nicest Au Dai costume, as I've seen. She had an amazingly beautiful bouquet of flowers for me and a small bouquet for each of turdeltagerne. It was a festive sight, she in evening dress, we have other in sweaty t-shirt and shorts. We drove first to Cu Chi. It took approx. 1 3 / 4 hour. We got a lot to know about Cu Chi, so hospital, tailor shop, kitchen and last but not least caves. We were down to crawl in a few. We could not take all 250 km. caves. The Vietnamese guide went down in the first. It was so small that I had to crawl on my knees. The guide went first. The next that followed him was Thu Ha in evening wear. We had not believed she would go into the clothes. She came out of the caves without being dusty or dirty. Beautiful done. She had never been there. It was a great experience for everyone. Sorry, could not be there as long as we were en route to the Cao Dai, the religious sect here in southern Vietnam.

 Cu Chi

It was a very nice parade, when all came into the church / temple. Thu Ha also thought it was interesting. Cl. 12.30 we all ate lunch. Thu Ha wanted us to her kindergarten. It was exciting to see how Sun Ha works and see all the kids. I think there were over 150 children. The staff at the kindergarten thought it was exciting to have us visit. After a festive farewell, we visited Thu Ha's home. She lives with her father's sister. They were also happy to see us. We could not stay there long because we had to return to the hotel and have bath and dinner with large tag board itself. Were sent out a baton after vodka and rum. Now we are waiting at the hotel when we must train to Da Nang. It takes 16 hours by train.
train journey started festive. I had bought vodka, rum and 7up. The train was leaving at. 23.00. We had a festive hour. Before everyone was gone to rest, had gone 2 hours.
The group