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Now it's goodbye to Hoi An after 6 days. All could be 6 days more, but we have a long program in front of us. Cl. 7:00 we drive to Hue over Havane Pass. There was a great farewell. Lien was 6.45 for saying goodbye. She was supposed to start teaching at. 07.00. Sy, Mao, Moi, Thao, Phi all of the hotel showed up. It was very touching. We arrived in Hue at. 11.00 and got rooms. We started from the hotel at. 12.30 on bike. The bikes were not the best standard. We drove first to the deaf restaurant and had lunch. Visited the Royal Palace: I and Nha had king and queen costume on. It made great happiness.

We saw most of the royal palace has far to go before it is restored. But still an impressive building. We drove on the big market. Here are traded with everything. Each person walked around. We can not go together. There are too many people. I should be back at the hotel 16.45. My boat was to come. The boat was also precise. Nha had placed two of her friends rally. Nha have gone 7 years in school in Hue. Cl. 19.30 we have a grand party at a restaurant. We were all dressed as mandarins. Nha and I sat on the throne as emperor and empress. There were common photography. Now it's hot in Vietnam, so we had to throw the delicate clothes. After a short time we sat at an open terrace with 3 musicians and 3 singers. These musicians were just for us. The restaurant was divided into small terraces, where each group had their own orchestra. The restaurant was 2 miles from the hotel so it was a short bike ride home. We ended the evening in my room with rum and cola.
would be reached much this day. We biked around. 2 km down to our rented boat. We were sailing at. 07.30. The bikes were loaded aboard the boat. It was the Perfume River, we sailed on. First we visited Teng Mu Pagoda, famous for its progressive monks.
Teng Mu pagoden

monk who in 1963 burned himself in Saigon came from the pagoda. Next stop Ming Mang mausoleum. Ming Mang is set in beautiful surroundings. It is almost a park with small lakes and streams. Ming Mang was emperor, and had many concubines. He built the pagoda on marble mountain, which we visited on 18.03.2004. On the other side of the river Khai Dinh Mausoleum.
Khai Dinh mausoleet

From moorings for mausulŠet is approx. 2 1 / 2 km. We had bicycles, so it was quickly run to the mausoleum. Khai Dinh Mausoleum is more bombastic. Some took the boat and others cycled. It was a nice ride back to Hue. Before the train journey to Hanoi, we should have a bath. The train was running at. 17.00. We had bought rum for the train journey. We now said goodbye to Nha and hello to Thao, her husband and their baby Mi Mi.
MiMI and Thao

After a few hours' train ride, it was said bowl in one of the compartments. The mood lifted after a few rum and cola. Most went to bed at. 23.00 tired.
Nha and Henning