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We started this Easter morning at. 07.00. Khue, Huy Hien and would come and take with us.
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took Hang's brother with. He saw the opportunity to visit his sister in Phu Cu. Hang brother named Tuyen and is secretary of the University of Hanoi. Khao had taken his girlfriend. She studies music at university in Hanoi. First we went to tour Ninn Binh. We must sail in two boats in each. It is a small river with very high mountains. We sail through 3 caves. The voyage lasts 2 hours. Many of the female cane, beets with their feet. After this magnificent sailing we ate lunch with our guide family Khao. We had a little tour of his village. Very peaceful and quiet. We now had 2 1 / 2 hour drive to Phu Cu. We had to cross a small river on a ferry. The river is about. 300 feet wide. We arrived at. 17.30. Here they had been cooking all day, so it was a beautifully set table we went to. Our host had bought for us. During the dinner was served snake snaps, bisexual and snap a second ubestemnmelig schnapps. Now it was dark. There was put lights up and we ate outdoors. The mood grew by number of snaps. We were sleeping in their house a guesthouse. There was someone who had too much Bisnap. It was very dark, so it was hard to find. There were some who did not quite knew where they were. I slept in the main house where there were 2 beds and mattresses were laid on the floor. I slept in a small room up to the main room. There was very dark. Middle of the night I discovered that there was someone beside me. I was in the confusion has come to put me in the hosts' bedroom. It took the not so solemn. They went to bed with me. A very exciting and enjoyable day.
There was life in the house from at. 5:00 in the morning. We had Vietnamese breakfast. Many had perhaps feared the worst but was surprised possitivt accommodation. Father Khue made a tour of the city. It is a place that never comes tourists. There is no guest house. Now, he traveled to Hanoi. We had Khue and Hang's brother Tuyen with. Tuyen wanted to show her home ahead. Very elegant. We had tea, beer and snakes, wasps and other indefinable schnapps, which I know nothing about. We ended the day by eating at Little Hanoi. Trang, Kien Hong and son of 9 years was present. We wandered down to our regular cafe by the lake and ended the day with coffee and mango juice.
Today is departure day. We have rented the rooms just for departure at. 17.30. This day was used very differently. Someone went to Tai Chi at. 06.00, others slept, others made last minute shopping. I went around and said goodbye. We are in Bangkok at. 22.30 and fly from Bangkok after midnight. Arriving at Copenhagen on 14.04.2004 after an eventful trip.
We landed, so the task now is to take the train home and rest.
Henning among venner

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