Sa Pa/Bac Ha
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Bac Ha/Sa Pa

Danish version

It was sunny. We ate breakfast at a restaurant in the city. We drove our car to a Red Dzao village approx. 5 km. We walked through the village followed by legions of Red Dzaoer.
Rød Dzaoer
We were in the village for approx. 3 hours. We saw their fields and houses. Shops were not so many. We also raised privately in a house. The Vietnamese government is trying to get Red Dzaoer to become permanent residents. It is an ancient nomadic people. School education is not good. Red Dzao lives in northern Vietnam, Laos and Kina.Da we reached the end of the village, we walked across the fields. We went to small Hoeft over small streams.
Fra Bac Ha
some places were placed small planks and bamboo, which was forced. I think everyone came through unscathed. It was an exciting ride. Red Dzaoerne helped us a hand here and there. We drove back to Sa Pa and ate lunch. On the next trip, we visited a variety Mong village. Here we went often. We were going downhill. It went down and down. Again, we visited a home. We saw the plant indigo. The blue black vegetable dyes they their clothes. It rubs a lot of, so hands and feet are completely blue-black. I still wonder how small these people are. We made a small break at a waterfall in the bottom of the gorge. Now began a climb across the mountain. When we reached the main road at the bottom of the gorge around. 5 km from Sa Pa, I had ordered 8 motorcycles, which quickly brought us back. Now there was time to shop or relax. We had to eat at. 20.00. Khao wore out to dinner. He ordered the menu and it was very tasty. We walked home across the church square. Loving market was started. It has become something different than in the past. Here it was the ethnic groups found themselves a man or lady. Now the young people from Loa Cai or Hanoi. We ended the evening with rum and cola in my room.
We drove from Sa Pa at. 6:00 in the morning. Ate breakfast food in Loa Cai. There were now 50 to 60 km to go to Bac Ha. We were accommodated at Sao Mai. The best hotel in town. We went immediately to the market. It is the largest ethnic market in north vietnam. People come from afar to shop. It starts between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning and ending 12-14 over dinner. Here you can buy all clothes, pigs, water buffalo, dogs and chickens. There were many places to eat and we also saw a blacksmith. It is a very ethnic market. If you have a plastic bottle, you can buy a bottle. snaps for 5 million
Børn in skole

There are many samples. It is H. Mong and Mong Flauer and Bac Ha Dzauer and part Tay not to be confused with Black Thai and White Thai. We ate lunch at 12.00. Cl. 13.00 we went a little mountain trip. We would visit a fiddler Ho. He played and danced for us and served liquor better than the market. He low density a small test of how strong it was. He poured the brandy into a saucer and lit it on fire. It was to big flames. It was a very beautiful landscape. Dinner in town at. 20.00. Completion of rum and cola in my room.
Now we are the only tourists in Bac Ha. Almost everyone takes to Hanoi today. We are going on school visits. Only a small school with kindergarten. We had many gifts with which the previous year. Next we visited a larger school. Here lives are about. 30 pupils who can not come home every day. Again we had gifts. We saw the new plans for the new school is finished next year. We had a good chat with the teacher are.
Now we visit a large nursery. Here we also had gifts. It is now my fifth visit to this nursery. Before lunch we visited the last H. Mong royal palace, which was somewhat dilapidated.
H.Mong folket
After lunch there was walk to the other side of the valley. First we went over a suspension bridge. On this page should be many Tay family. It was such a family we visited. Served green tea for us. We went through many plum orchards and then several Tay houses. Dinner in town and vodka / cola finish.
Departure at. 06.00 and breakfast en route. The long trip back to Hanoi. A beautiful landscape with many tea plantations and some beautiful palm trees, used as timber. Dinner at Little Hanoi and end at Kim Hoa Sea and a visit to a Jazz Club.